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Who we are / What is Headstart

Headstart is on a mission to transform the way organisations hire! We are the world's first diversity driven Applicant Matching System. We use Machine Learning to transform the recruitment process, enabling clients to find the right high potential employees regardless of gender, ethnic status, sexual orientation or age.

As a YCombinator company, we launched in 2017 and are HQ'd in London and San Francisco. We already have partnerships with some major brands globally but you can read more here: https://techcrunch.com/2017/06/24/headstart-wants-to-better-analyze-candidates-to-fit-them-with-the-best-jobs)

We are currently in the process of closing a round of funding which will take Headstart to the next phase of its development and growth. It is a truly exciting and transformational time for us - and an ideal time for you to join us!

Our Culture

We could tell you lots more of the glossy stuff that would be more fitting in a marketing brochure but then everyone does that don't they?! The truth is we are a small (but perfectly formed!) team taking on an almost impossible vision. We have come a long way in a very short space of time and that's down to the dynamics of the team. We are a fully transparent and open business and we try and engage everyone from across the business in all key decisions and actions, regardless of whether you are in product, operations, sales or customer success.

We treat everyone as adults as a results focused business you have the freedom to organise your own working day and style to compliment the rest of your team. We believe people work at their best when they feel their best, both mentally and physically, so we believe in the importance of giving people autonomy and responsibility to deliver in a way that allows them to deliver their best personal and professional selves.

Having said that, it's a startup! There is never enough time and there are too many priorities. Daily! But we are lucky to have such great investors, great early adopter clients and the ability to control our own destiny. If you think you can cope with that and you fancy jumping on a rocket ship (literally) then we would like to hear from you (smile)

The Role

As part of our growth plan, the Enterprise Sales Lead role has been created to play a fundamental part in the sales effort of the firm, building on the commercial success already achieved to date.

Working very closely with the Chief Revenue Officer, the Enterprise Sales Lead will be responsible for managing existing accounts, engaging with qualified leads, making friends with our enterprise prospects and closing revenue.

Given this role’s breadth of responsibilities, its scope for development, and the growth backdrop of this hire, the opportunity for the right person is enormous.

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